TVIP S-Box v.410 / v.412

  1. Choose language and timezone.
  2. Press OK on “Start using TVIP”
  3. Go to “Settings”
  4. In “Network” you’ll find your “MAC address”, write it down becuase you’ll need it to notify us so we can confirm your account with us
  5. In “Display” make sure “HDMI auto frame rate” is set to “ON”. Some newer tv’s can have problems synchronizing hz/fps and you can experience FPS lagg if you dont enable this.
  6. In “TV” it should look like this:

Stream source: Multicast
UDPXY server:
MPEG-TS buffering, msec: 5000
DVR storage: No storage
Timeshift storage: Internal storage
Auto-timeshifting: Off
Content source: Web portal

  1. Below is a button called “Setup Web portal”, enter it and see settings below.

Portal URL: (here is where you will write down the portallink you get from us)
Portal manager: Off
Use web portal: Whole system
API mode: MAG

  1. Press “Apply” when done
  2. The TVIP S-Box will reload and you are now ready to watch TV

Note: Sometimes the “MPEG-TS buffering, msec: 5000″ looses it’s value so be sure to check when you reboot if the value is still 5000 or make sure you set it again.