Thank you for shopping from us!

To be able to fullfill your order we now need your payment. Our order process may differ and can take up to 24 hours before processed but in most cases it’s done within a few hours.

The payment is handled with Swish through where your payment is changed to bitcoins and sent directly to us.

To Swish your payment follow the instructions below:

Click on link below, the page will open in a new window. (Keep this page open aswell)

  1. Here you need to fill in the amount to pay in kronor. (Belopp SEK)
  2. Copy and paste the bitcoinadress so no typing errors occurs.
  3. Fill in the rest of your personal details. The information needs to be correct because its being matched against folkbokföringen.
  4. Click on “lägg order” and then you will receive a SMS with an Order-ID and the companys Swish number. The number belongs to Goobit AB.
  5. You will receive an SMS from btcx with your Order-ID. You need to fill in this as a message (meddelande) within the Swish when you pay.

LINK: btcx – Buy bitcoin online with Swish without registration

Fill in the bicooin adress exactly as below (Copy and paste it)

Köp Bitcoin

Belopp SEK

Fill in the total amount to pay.

Our Bitcoinaddress: 15WeWTrx6GHirpgYKd5N7raTXKTRiQ6mwE

The rest of the details need to be filled in and they need to be correct for the transfer to go through with BTCX.

It is very IMPORTANT that the Order-ID number is sent as a message in the Swish app when you pay. If not the transaction will not go through.

Swish example: