Instructions for Kodi v17 with EPG (Kodi for all devices)

When you receive a trial account / subscription from us, you’ll get a link, that is the link you will be using on step 8.

Download and install Kodi v17 (choose your version below on that page and install)

  1. Open Kodi
  2. Highlight “TV” on the left side bar
  3. Select “Enter add-on browser”
  4. Scroll down the list and select “PVR IPTV Simple Client”
  5. Select “Enable”
  6. Select “Configure”
  7. Choose “M3U Playlist URL”
  8. Paste the link you got from us and press “OK”
  9. Uncheck “Cache m3u at local storage” (This is important)
  10. For functional EPG settings proceed here or skip to step 18
  11. On left side select “EPG Settings”
  12. Choose “XMLTV URL”
  13. Paste whichever EPG link you want from this link
  14. Press OK
  15. Uncheck “Cache XMLTV at local storage”
  16. Press OK
  17. A window pops up where it says “Needs to restart”
  18. Press OK
  19. Restart Kodi
  20. After Kodi has been restarted, it will download all the channels that you see in the top right corner. Wait until it’s finished.
  21. Now when selecting “TV” all channels will be present. If you want to sort them countrywise move mouse to left side of screen and a side bar will pop up. Select “Group – All Channels” and choose which ever country you want.

If it does not work to load the channels, turn off the VPN, proxy, tunnel, and turn off NAT and firewall in the router.

Consider this, if you go to the left of the channel list you have something called GROUP ALL CHANNELS. Click there to select the country and its channel list.