Android Box (not AndroidTV)

  1. Install Perfect Player IPTV from “Play Store” and start it once installed.
  2. Click on the setting button, then open “General”, “Playlist” and in there paste your “m3u_plus” link that you’ve received from us in the URL or file path. Then choose a name for it, eg IPTV. Then press “OK”
  3. Then go back and enter the option “GUI”. Enable “Show channels groups as folder”.
  4. Then go back again and enter “Playback”. Choose “Decoder” and change it to “Software”.
  5. Go back again to main menu and enter “Advanced” and enable “Download supposed logos”.
  6. Now you are ready to enjoy your channels.

Setting up EPG is optional but here’s a step by step as well.

  1. Open EPG.
  2. Paste the EPG url in the field that pops up. (You can use the links shown here: EPG Links)
  3. Then press OK.

Apple TV

  1. Download GSE Smart IPTV Pro from the App Store.
  2. Up in the right corner there is a “Settings” menu (three horizontal lines), click on them and choose “Remote Playlist”
  3. There are some playlists pre-installed. Mark them and delete.
  4. Click the +sign, choose M3U URL and paste/type in the adress to your m3u-playlist that you received from us.
  5. On the line “Playlist name” you can write whatever you want to remember that this is your own playlist, then click “Add”
  6. Now just wait a while. It can take a minute or two to load all channels from all countries so please be patient.!
  7. Click on the group/country you want to watch.
  8. Choose the channel you want to watch and click PLAY.
  9. EPG can be added from settings menu (the three horizontal lines up to the left), Choose “EPG Programguide” and then click on the +-sign up to the right. Choose “Add Remote EPG source” and then paste/type the adress. (You can use the links shown here: EPG Links)
  10. A messege sign is now shown on the screen, , choose “Update” option.
  11. You are now all set for plenty of hours of entertainment on your device.